Who We Are

Caitlin Faron – Principal & Designer

Born in New York City and raised by artists in a converted box factory in SoHo, Caitlin’s involvement with art, architecture and design was ingrained early-on. After moving to the East End of Long Island and starting a family, she began working for a prominent Southampton lighting designer in 2001. It was an apprentice-type situation where managing the office and purchasing became managing projects and designing the lighting. After 8 years, that experience became the foundation for Shine.

Caitlin loves to seek out new products and technologies and incorporate unexpected elements into a lighting plan, while still being mindful of function and the way the space will be experienced by the inhabitants. Working with light as an architectural element that shifts throughout the day and the seasons, maintaining the integrity and point of view of the project while looking for new approaches. Looking at things in a new light.

Rich Faron – Partner

Growing up in Westchester, Rich was a Sag Harbor “summer kid” who longed to live on the East End full time. Immediately after graduating from Pratt Institute with a degree in photography, he moved east officially and worked for 6 years as a high-end professional chef, followed by 20 years as an IT consultant.

This background allows Rich to take care of the creative, the technical and the culinary. Photographing projects, drafting plans, creating detailed renderings with photometric data to building scale models for mock-ups. Additionally he handles any necessary troubleshooting and technical issues.

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